Distribution Logistics Summit


The Distribution Logistics supply chain runs straight through Cargo Logistics Canada!


At CLC’s Distribution Logistics Summit, industry experts will focus on the various logistics issues and solutions within a distribution center or warehouse and how they connect to the rest of the supply chain.

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Wednesday, February 7 • 11:20am–12:30pm • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Tradeshow Floor, Main Stage

W07 – The New Shopping Hubs for Cities: Warehouse Distribution Centers

This recent Wall Street Journal headline will form the discussion over the merits, and challenges to the concept coined by Brookings Institute in the article to be “shopping as infrastructure.” Former industrial/manufacturing-focused city neighborhoods are being repurposed into, among other things, distribution centers. Industry disruptor, Amazon, can offer its Prime service delivery within a one-to-two-hour window throughout Los Angeles County utilizing this distribution model, and is influencing some other companies to follow suit, raising the question of where the retail supply chain might be headed.


Wednesday, February 7 • 2:10pm–3:20pm • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Tradeshow Floor, Main Stage 

W14 – Distribution Tech Next: How predictive are your analytics?

This timely session poses the question: How predictive are your analytics? Is your business leveraging big data to to better forecast, and optimize your supply chain? A group of experts in the field of Predictive Analytics will seek to help guide you through this increasingly relevant topic.



Session Chair:
Eric Rasmussen, Triskele Logistics

Thursday, February 8 • 11:30am–12:30pm • Early Bird $55 / Regular $65 • Tradeshow Floor, Main Stage 

T09 – Remote Control Logistics: AGV Solutions in the Warehouse Environment

For the production, warehouse and distribution sectors, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems are fully mobile robots that can move and transport items. This session led by an industry thought leader on the subject will seek to better inform you whether you’re currently engaged, or looking to deploy AGVs in your distribution operation.



Presented by: Nick Klein Schiphorst, Director Business Development, Dematic